We have always wanted to make sure that we look after other people and feel that one way that we can do this and really make a difference is with finance. Everyone has to deal with money and they want to be able to be as well off as possible, but a lot of people do not really know what they are doing. Most of us have had no formal teaching on what to do with money and this means that we have to guess a lot of the things that we are doing. It is a shame when we have to do this because we really could do with making sure that we make an informed decision. We therefore decided to address this and wanted to make sure that we could pass on useful information to everyone. Therefore, we hope that this website will help with this and allow everyone to be able to have access to information that they will find helpful when they are dealing with their money and having to make decisions about it. There is a thought process that we should go through and hopefully the articles here will help with this and enable people to make the best decision that they can for them.