Can Urgent Loans be Repaid Early?

It is often said that we should repay our loans early because it will save us money. However, there are some loans where it is not possible to repay early and some will allow it but will charge a fee. There also might be some disadvantages to you to repaying early and so there is a lot to think about.


As urgent loans tend to be charged interest each day the loan is help, then repaying it early will save money in interest. This means that you will save some money if you repay it early. However, there will also be fixed fees and these will not change and so they will have to paid in full regardless of whether you repay early, on time or even late. However, the savings that you will make on the cost of the interest could be big enough to make it worthwhile repaying early. It may even be worth paying off a bit of it early, even if you cannot afford the whole thing.

It is rare for urgent loans to charge you if you repay early, but it is worth checking. This is because some loans will have what they call an early redemption fee and you will have to pay this if you want to repay early. This could be a small admin fee, nothing at all or it could be a very large sum of money. You will have to check out whether there will be a fee like this and if there is, calculate whether it will still be cheaper to repay the loan. It may actually be more expensive to repay it early if you have this type of penalty so you will need to check.

Other Advantages

It can also feel really nice to know that you are free of the loan. Knowing that a debt has been cleared can bring a feeling of accomplishment and also relief and this can be really great. It can also reduce your stress knowing that you will not have to find that money later, but that you have sorted it out now and that it is gone.


It can also be worth thinking through whether there might be any disadvantages to repaying early. Of course, saving money can be fantastic and it is something that you will want to try to do if you can. However, it is good to make sure that repaying early is something that you can really afford. Obviously, you will need to have the money available to be able to do it, but even if you do have the money you need to be careful. It is important to have a think about what else you might need that money for. It is certainly well worth getting hold of some previous bank statements to check whether you will need to find money to pay for other things. Often, we will not just pay for everything at the start of the month but there will be things that we pay more regularly such as food or fuel and it will be necessary to make sure that you have enough money to pay for that.

Even if you allow for that, if something comes up and you suddenly need money, then it could be stressful if you do not have the money available. It is difficult to predict what sorts of things might happen, but you know whether this tends to happen to you or whether it does not and this will allow you to be able to judge whether you think that you should be careful and not repay the loan or whether you should. Of course, if you do repay it and then need more money, you might be able to take out another urgent loan anyway, so perhaps that will help the situation feel not quite so stressful.

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